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Sim Update VI Sale 2021-09-08

Sim Update VI Sale

Celebrating the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 6, the german and austrian airports available on the Contrail Webshop are on Sale!

Up to 35% off on EDDH, EDDB, EDDK, EDDM, EDMA and LOWS.

The sale ends on September 15th!

Sochi International Released 2021-09-02

Sochi International Released

Welcome to the main resort of Russia, one of the busiest airports after Moscow and St. Petersburg!
Located near the Black Sea coast, surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains, Sochi Airport has one of the most scenic approaches.
Sochi is the capital of the 2014 Winter Olympics, more than 100 objects in the surrounding area have been recreated, including Olympic objects and resort areas - now available on the Contrail Webshop!

YBNA - Ballina Byron Bay Released 2021-08-22

YBNA - Ballina Byron Bay Released

Ballina by AUscene is just a short flight from most Australian cities.
Located in the heart of the Northern Rivers region, Ballina is your gateway to discover this beautiful area!
The airport has been authentically recreated for MSFS to the highest level of detail full of bespoke features just waiting for you to explore and discover.
Now available on AUscene and Contrail Webshops!

JustFlight's Arrows Released 2021-08-16

JustFlight's Arrows Released

We are happy to add JustFlight's Arrow III and Turbo Arrow III/IV to the collection of aircraft available on Contrail!
Both aircraft are highly detailed and have seen very positive feedback by the community after the initial release.

The PA-28R Arrow III is a four seater, piston-engine aircraft equipped with a retractable tricycle landing gear and constant-speed propeller – an ideal aircraft for touring and instrument training. The aircraft is flown all around the world and this add-on reflects that global popularity.

The Turbo Arrow III was the first turbocharged variant of the PA-28R Arrow, retaining the conventional tail of the Arrow III and a new cowling which housed the six-cylinder turbocharged engine. The Turbo Arrow IV followed in 1979 and featured a distinctive T-tail.

Update Issues Resolved 2021-08-16

Due to changes in the way of how product updates are delivered, there have been problems with updating the following products during the past days:

Aerosoft - CRJ 550/700
Flightbeam - KIAD
Impulse Simulations - YPAD

All of these issues have been resolved. If you had trouble updating these products, please update again via the Downloads section in the top menu.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and constantly work on improving the software and processes behind it, so these issues won't happen in the future.

On a more positive note, we have a lot of new products in the pipeline which will be released this week - for example the JustFlight Arrows!


The current version of Contrail supports Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS). Support for Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D as well as X-Plane is planned for future versions.

If you have purchased the product at one of the connected shops (Flightbeam Webshop, LatinVFR Webshop), you can activate your products by log-in on the "Accounts" page. For purchases on Simmarket and PCAviator, navigate to the product page in Contrail. Click "Activate". On the dialog, select "Other Shop". Now you can enter your serial number and activate the product.

You can activate your purchases made on Simmarket and PCAviator using a serial number. Open the product page in Contrail, click on "Activate", select "Other Shop" and enter your serial number.

No, Contrail has been programmed for Windows-based systems.

Yes, those products will appear as "activated" in Contrail. However automatic updates are de-activated for those products. Updates should be performed in the marketplace of Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS).