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Black Friday Sales and welcome Sim Skunk Works! 2021-11-26

Black Friday Sales and welcome Sim Skunk Works!

Many products are on sale for Black Friday (excluding recent releases):

• LatinVFR 40% off until Dec 2
• TDM 40% off until Nov 30 (LEST) and Dec 31 (LECO)
• Dreamflight Studios 35% off until Dec 15th
• AUscene 30% off until Dec 1
• FSimStudios 30% off until Dec 3rd

Also we are happy to welcome a new developer to Contrail: Sim Skunk Works with their amazing TF-104 G Starfighter, a true legend!

The Starfighter features a highly detailed model including both front and rear cockpit. It is fully animated and comes with a lot of tutorials and checklists to get you started! Most are available via the Media tab of the product page in our desktop app.

Static Aircraft Upgrade for 300 Airports 2021-11-25

Static Aircraft Upgrade for 300 Airports

LatinVFR has released a huge update to their Static Aircraft package. The first version featured static aircraft for 41 Asobo Airports. The new package covers 300+ airports!
It is available as an Upgrade to owners of the base package free of charge. The full package can be purchased as a Bundle.

YLHI Landing Challenge: Win a 20 EUR gift card! 2021-11-18

YLHI Landing Challenge: Win a 20 EUR gift card!

Lord Howe Island Airport is famous for its challenging approach and the short runway will certainly put your skills to the test!

Celebrating the release, Contrail is hosting a Landing Challenge Contest where you can win a 20 EUR gift card for the Contrail Webshop!

How To Enter
1. Get AUscene's YLHI - Lord Howe Island from the AUscene or Contrail Webshop
2. Launch the challenge
3. Post a full size screenshot of your result in the Discord channel linked below

Contest ends on Sunday 28 of November! Rules and examples can be found in the Discord channel as well.

CRJ Upgrade and Bundle Available 2021-11-12

CRJ Upgrade and Bundle Available

In order to see the new CRJ options, please update Contrail to v1.1.3!

The long awaited CRJ 900/1000 is finally here - we would like to apologize that it has taken a day longer than anticipated for implementing the required features into our desktop app. Contrail now has support for Bundles as well as Upgrades / Extensions.

If you have purchased the CRJ 550/700 via Contrail, you can purchase the CRJ 900/1000 at a discounted priced of 16.80€ excl. VAT. Note that the base package will then be managed by the upgrade as indicated on the product page. The upgrade includes all variants of the CRJ.

If you have purchased the CRJ 550/700 at a third party shop, you can get the upgrade for the reduced price via the third party shop, such as Aerosoft's Webshop. Contrail will detect that you have all variants installed, but move and uninstallation functionality will be disabled in order to avoid problems with other desktop apps.

If you have further questions, please contact us via the "Settings > Support" page in the lower left menu!

Flightbeam's NZAA Auckland Released 2021-11-09

Flightbeam's NZAA Auckland Released

Welcome to Auckland International, the largest and busiest airport in beautiful New Zealand. Auckland Airport is a unique airport which is home to some of the longest international routes known in aviation.

Our massive NZAA project began with a full onsite and airside survey. which was completed in 2019 and allowing us to re-create the airport in unprecedented detail. Once Microsoft Flight Simulator was released mid-way through production, the full potential of this project came to light. The project branched out to a separate, native MSFS version and was finally completed in November 2021 after many pandemic and logistical challenges.

While our Prepar3D version of NZAA was our most successful project yet, the MSFS version retains some of the most cutting edge visuals yet, with the latest PBR and 3d techniques applied to depict the most immersive product we've released to date. A great amount of effort was put into optimization, which allows the vast majority of users to appreciate the product with modest systems, even though it's the most detailed and polygon-intensive airport we have in our library.

Our work doesn't stop here. We're still working on new features, such as VDGS (Visual docking guidance system) and improved airport life, with custom dynamic airport vehicles and passengers/workers.


The current version of Contrail supports Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS). Support for Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D as well as X-Plane is planned for future versions.

If you have purchased the product at one of the connected shops (AUscene, Contrail, Flightbeam and LatinVFR Webshops), you can activate your products by log-in on the "Accounts" page. For purchases on Simmarket, Verticalsim and other shops, navigate to the product page in Contrail. Click "Activate". On the dialog, select "Other Shop". Now you can enter your serial number and activate the product.

You can activate your purchases made on Simmarket, Verticalsim and other shops using a serial number. Open the product page in Contrail, click on "Activate", select "Other Shop" and enter your serial number.

No, Contrail has been programmed for Windows-based systems.

Yes, those products will appear as "activated" in Contrail. However automatic updates are de-activated for those products. Updates should be performed in the marketplace of Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS).